Photography / Nicole Guarino

Photography / Nicole Guarino

Video editing / Matthew Robinson


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NEVERSINK is about embracing life and transformation. It follows one man through a series of worlds, of fantasies that form and disintegrate around him.

Despite the chaos that surrounds us, the pressure, the absurdity, can we still take brave steps into the unknown? Can we approach the world with youthful, hopeful eyes?

Dedicated to my father, Graham Robinson


Choreography and Lighting / Matthew Robinson

Dancers / Alethia Antonia, Theo Arran, Maria Elena Bolelli, Anders Engebretsen, Josh Gill, Fern Grimbley, Katy Hewison, Daisy Howell, Sharol Mackenzie, Ricardo Pereira, Ruby Portus, Michele Scappa, Maggie Vannucci, Meizhi Wang.

Design / Jennie Loof

Music / Johnny Jewel, Chromatics, Larry Clinton, The Johnston Brothers, Beethoven/Alfred Brendel, Glass Candy, Ben Lukas Boysen

Photography / Nicole Guarino

Rehearsal Assistant / Joan Cleville

Commissioned by and made with / VERVE

Read Words by Theo Arran, Artist/performer NEVERSINK